Thursday, May 13, 2010

HyVee is the store for me :)

Okay so I rarely shop at Wal-Mart anymore because 1.) it's way to crowded, 2.) they never seem to have what I want in stock, and 3.) it's further away from us than other stores. Well anyway I have to say that before I moved here to the Quad Cities I always shopped at Target but now we seem to do most of our shopping at HyVee. I love there Red Hot Deals. For instance, I got a 64oz jug of Old Orchard juice for 99 cents. I've never seen juice so cheap. And I love the Kids Club at the John Deere Road HyVee. My kids get a free slice of deli cheese, a free cookie, a free sticker, and a free balloon just for shopping with me and my daughter get to push her own little green cart. It's so adorable. I just had to tell all you ladies my latest love. Weird to love a grocery store but I don't get out often. I'm sure some of you ladies know what I'm talking about :)

Just Call Me Lucky ;)

I'm always entering contests. I enter them in stores and online. It's fun to enter even if you don't win but how can you win if you never even enter. Well I entered a contest at our local HyVee (a grocery store for you ladies who don't have one) to win a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD and I won. I couldn't believe it. And it's the old version not the new kind of creepy looking one with Johnny Depp. I should be getting off of here. It's about time for the baby to wake up from his nap. So go out there and win, win, win ladies! :)