Wednesday, March 26, 2014

4x Fuel Points at Kroger

This post is a bit on the delayed side but here is an awesome deal from Kroger. I am writing this post as a BzzAgent and received coupons as compensation but the opinions are mine.
Now I'm not sure if you are familiar with Kroger's fuel program but here are the basics. When you make a purchase from the Kroger family of stores and scan your plus card you earn 1 fuel point for every $1 you spend. Once you accumulate 100 points in a calendar month then you can redeem them for $0.10 off per gallon of gas up to 35 gallons. Plus if you spend enough you can redeem up to 1000 points, that's $1.00 off per gallon. Now for me this is almost necessary. I have to drive an hour one way to get to work and gas is a major expense. Using my Kroger gas discount helps me have more money to spend on other things. Want more information go to
Now on to the awesome deal. Even though it may still be on the colder side Spring is technically here. And we all know what that means...Spring cleaning. Well to help with the annual cleanup Kroger is offering 4x fuel points when you buy cleaning supplies and other household essentials like paper towels and laundry detergent from March 20 til April 26. That means you'll receive 4 points for every $1 you spend instead of the regular 1 point. I've already gone and picked up a few cleaning essentials myself and did receive 4x my fuel points. Do note that the 4x fuel points will be calculated after any coupons you use. But never the less it is still a great deal. So don't procrastinate and go get those Spring cleaning supplies today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Free 8x10 Photo from Walgreens

I love having lots of photos of the kids around. However it's kind of expensive to be buying the larger format. That's why I love when Walgreens offers a free 8x10 enlargement print. Just go here and when checking out use code MARCH8X10 to take $3.99 off your order making the print free. Don't want to pay shipping? Just choose free in store pickup. This offer is only good until March 19th so don't delay.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Free Sample of Lipton Energy Black Tea

I am constantly running on empty these days. Staying up all night with a baby and taking care of the house and two other kids during the day is exhausting. So I'm always looking for a good boost during the day. What better time to try a free sample of Lipton Energy Premium Black Tea. Want to try it out too? Just go to this website and sign up for your free sample today.

Free Louisiana Seafood Tshirt

Well I'm not ashamed to admit I love seafood. Shrimp, crab, lobster, salmon...the list of delicious things that the oceans offer is limitless. So needlessly to say of course I will wear a free T-shirt advertising Louisiana Seafood. Want a free T-shirt of your own? Just go to and fill out a short survey. Maybe after I get it I will post my picture wearing it.

Support Project RED with a Free Sticker

Did you know that 700 babies are born with HIV every day? That number is extremely high. Support the effort to eliminate AIDS by ordering your free RED sticker at

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tapbooty (#review)

Okay I will admit at first glance this sounds like something very bad. Not so sure Tapbooty was the wisest choice in company name. However as a Smiley360 member I decided to try it out. First I went to the Google play store (also available in Apple iStore) and downloaded the Tapbooty app. The basic idea is that you download and use free apps (there are a few paid as well). Each app you download is worth a certain amount of booty coins. Then you play games to convert booty coins into prize points. The prize points you earn can be redeemed for rewards like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Tango and Facebook gift cards or (my favorite) PayPal cash. Plus you receive your reward immediately. For instance, I've already earned over $3 just for playing games. Also the apps you download you do not have to keep. If you don't like it just uninstall it. I would definitely recommend Tapbooty as a fun easy way to earn a little cash on the side. As an added bonus you get to try some not so well known apps and you might just find one you like. I did :)
Interested in joining up? Just go to and you will receive a bonus of 100 booty coins.
For more information about the Tapbooty mission from Smiley360 go to

**Disclaimer - This is part of a mission from Smiley360. Blog disclosure found here.