Monday, January 7, 2013

Avery 5 Tab Dividers on Clearance at Staples - Great for Starting a Coupon Binder

Right now I have my coupon binder organized in the Krazy Coupon Lady Method but unfortunately that method isn't exactly working out for me. I want an easier way to get to each section but not have to work hard to change systems. That is why I am planning on switching to the Hip2Save coupon binder method of organization. One of the things that I think will really help is having tab dividers to separate the different categories of coupons. Right now at Staples they have Avery Insertable Multicolored 5 Tab Dividers on clearance for $0.59 each and you can get them shipped to a local store for free. This is a great deal. Especially if you are just starting out and making a binder.

For more information about the Krazy Coupon Lady Coupon Binder Method go here.

For more information about the Hip2Save Coupon Binder Method go here.

I plan on going over coupon organization methods as well as what every couponer needs to have and know but that will be at a later date.

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