Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purina Beyond Adventure Dog Food

Our dog Grace is actually pretty special to us. We rescued her after she was abandoned on the highway and her owner refused to come get her. Then came the problem of feeding her. She is a very picky dog and she didn't want to eat anything we gave her. I was afraid it would be too expensive to keep her if she would only eat premium dog foods but then I learned about Purina Beyond Natural dog food.  It is a bit more expensive than processed dog foods but not nearly as expensive as some of the premium brands. I received a free sample of the Purina Beyond Adventure dog food from BzzAgent and slowly started switching her to the new food. At first she acted unsure but after we started feeding her only the new food without the old she loved it. Plus I love that its natural. I've heard so many bad things about corn in dog food but this food has no corn, wheat or soy products. It is also free of poultry byproduct meal. It's very natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The food we received had tuna as the main protein. I never would have thought of giving a dog tuna but it is such a great source of protein. From the basic ingredients to different proteins this food sounds extra healthy for your pets.

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