Monday, March 1, 2010

Quiet in the library??? What's that?

Well ladies here I am again at the library trying to do what little I can in the short time I do have and my daughter wants to put her feet on the desk and talk and sing but silly girl doesn't understand that at the library you have to be quiet. Course she doesn't ever use a quiet voice so why should I expect it here. It's finally good to be out of the house though seeing as the whole family has been sick and it's like we've been quarantined for the past week. Ever feel like you’re in prison when you're too sick to leave the house? :) She has been having a great time in preschool but she also has speech therapy after class on Mondays and apparently she gets all huffy and tells her teacher that "This is gonna take a long time (big sigh)." LOL what a drama queen.

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