Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

So this Easter we went with my sister-in-law to two different Easter Egg hunts. Is it just me or do some of you ladies out there "help" your kids out even though they are old enough to bend down and pick up eggs on their own. I don't see the problem with helping the young ones. They don't really understand how things work but as they get older then they should be able to do it on their own. My daughter is 4 and though there will always be those "go-getter" kids who are super competitive (hated playing those kids in school, I could never win lol :P), my daughter seemed to be getting knocked down by more parents than kids. Maybe those parents are just sugar deprived :) Oh well at least she had fun. That's what really matters. I just get worried when I see an over-eager mother rushing at my child because there is an egg next to her foot. :)

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