Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook deals

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up on some of the Facebook things happening.
On Wednesday at 11am CST Skinny Cow Ice Cream will be giving away a "sweet surprise" to the first 700 people to sign up. They won't say what it is but free is always nice. Lots of these giveaways are disappointing because the servers get overloaded but it's worth a shot.
EOS is having a giveaway every Monday until 5/2 of 5000 lotion samples. That makes a total of 20,000 samples being given away. I personally like the way they are doing it too. To make it more fair to those who have trouble getting in on some of the other Facebook offers out there, they have made it kind of into a contest. You enter your email address and then you will be notified if you will receive one.
Also Peeps has posted that they will be re-posting the coupon for chocolate Peeps again soon.
Lately I've had luck with the offers. I got both the Tide 10 pack of stain release and then a sample of Tide with bleach. It's all about being lucky enough to get in at the right time. Well anyway, good luck to all you ladies and have a happy Monday!

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