Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of Ink

Ok so I just ran out of color ink the other day and now I can't print anything. Eek no coupons! Anyway, I think that it's a bit suspicious that I ran out of color ink seeing as I only print in black and white. How do you run out of something you never use? Did it dry up...lol. Anyway I ordered some that was an off brand....I'm hoping it isn't horrible. Because I can't afford to keep buying stuff I'm not even using. I wish I had one of those printers from years ago that when you ran out of color you could keep printing until you ran out of black ink. And how does being out of ink affect it's ability to scan things??? I have a Kodak printer and I can't scan anything until I get more ink. Sounds like someone (printer companies) is desperate for money. Oh well. I'm hoping I get it in soon. I wanted to organize some of the recipes I've clipped from magazines but seeing as my printer is being stubborn and won't scan without it's ink I'll just have to wait. Hope you ladies are having a good day :)

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