Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cheap photo paper at Staples

Right now from February 3 to February 9 Staples has Staples® Photo Plus 4" x 6" gloss paper, 60 count on sale for $9.99 and when you purchase it you can submit an $8.99 Easy Rebate making the total final cost only $1.00 after rebate. This is a great deal and if you print off lots of pictures you may want to stock up. There is a limit of 4 rebates per household.

If you don't know what Easy Rebates are, they are rebates that  you can either mail in or you can enter all the information online. I always opt to get my Easy Rebates back in PayPal (they just make a deposit in your account) but you can get a check if you'd like as well. The rebates take about 4-6 weeks to be received. For more information about the Easy Rebates program go here.

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