Monday, February 18, 2013

Got Coupon Policies: Check

One very important part of couponing is knowing the store coupon policies for the stores that you shop at. You might think that all cashiers and managers are trained in this store policy but this is not the case. I personally have worked in retail and have never had training in coupons and that hasn't changed today. So having a printed copy of the coupon policies with you really helps if you need to educate a cashier or manager on what the store does and does not allow. I'm going to put a list of a few stores coupon policies below. If you want any other specific stores added please go to the Contact Me tab and tell me which stores you would like added.

Walmart  -->  Coupon Policy     Ad Match Guarantee
Target  -->  Coupon Policy
Hy-Vee  -->  Coupon Policy
Dollar General  -->  Coupon Policy
Dollar Tree  -->  Coupon Policy
Walgreens  -->  Coupon Policy
CVS  -->  Coupon Policy

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